MATCHI “Oblivion EP (Abridged)” / “A Lil Something Wrong with Cute” (self-released)

“I’ve never seen your stupid fucking show.”

Thus begins the “Oblivion EP (Abridged)” by Matchi, half of this tape that also features “A Lil Something Wrong with Cute,” and thus ends my engagement in any meaningful way. Is this bad music? No. Not even a little. Fuzzy throwback indie punk, dream scuzz, Veruca Salt circa now. You will like that very much, because there you are. I see you. Music is good. Music is fun. Listen and be amused.

No, I do not engage because the anxiety of youth is wasted on the likes of me. I will not blow bubbles of gum toward you. I will extend a conciliatory arm. I am the great mediator.