“Gardiner’s Bay Phantoms” C38
(Histamine Tapes)

Hovering juuust over-top a median surface of oceanic white noise reverie, Cario Canio proffers tide-bound drones that keep his (mysteriously) misted, nautical visions illuminated sufficiently enough to witness AND still open enough to add your own thematic, fanciful daydreams alongside.

Knowing that this tape is inspired by sea-faring ghost-lore, it’s pretty much impossible to disassociate the sound of distantly lingering fog-horn beware-alls with [CC’s] lowest-of-lower-Hz swells (?) that underlie* the first half of this tape***.

Played at a low-moderate decibel level, “GBP" is tantamount to lugging the beach (and its local history’s tall tales) straight towards your livingroom jambox; but amplified To the Max, it’s a melodrama of boisterously buoyant proportions most inescapable! The attentive youth (or at least those who have also appropriated the term) would use the adjective “epic" to describe this release, easily. Give it a few meditated listens, with great headphones, and fall in love!


— Jacob An Kittenplan

*much like any RALE release, the experience of listening to this release is dramatically undercut by speakers lacking dynamic output**
**ie: shitty speakers host less than desirable/intended results, right?
***second half being a Bonus Track reward-addendum that’s equally as engaging as the initial release, though more Basinskian in loopering than the first three tracks’ sprawling ambles.