"La Vie Prend Une Eternite"
(Flower Sounds)

On a hot pink tape, with spray painted and hand colored covers, sits fifteen tracks of charming and joyful post-whatever electronica. Choppy and cartoonish, sounding as bright as the physical shell containing the music, this collection of ERRSFORRS recordings is a pleasant throwback to the early 00’s bedroom electronica scene. Remember Myspace media players? How about hastily made CDrs left around local bars hosting hipster DJ nights? Sometimes, and usually, those wouldn’t be good, and would end up in the rubbish once your hangover cleared up. Sometimes, but more rarely, you’d find something charming that you’d leave on repeat while counting cracks in the ceiling waiting for your hangover to clear up.

The bandcamp page claims these recordings were built in Northampton. Oh, Northampton. A town as cherubic and discombobulated and whimsical as “La Vie…” A land for the pre-post-grads, a stop off to be your artiest self and drink and love and grow until you get the itch to move to a bigger city, or a communal anarchist farm in the mountains.  ERRSFORRS gave us a love letter to Northampton. But the Northampton of your twenties. Cold, wet across town walks after last call. Caffeine jitters on Sunday afternoon. The pure excitement of just creating, having the time and freedom to be creative without pretense or pretension. The way we spent our days before everyone discovered yoga and crossfit.

-- Michael Barrett