“Guru Overlord” C49 (Specious Arts)

Patrick R. Pärk’s output is, to say the least, prooooooo-lific, with various projects focusing on niche sub-genres of hypnotizing electronic music; Life Education being his one dedicated to the power of the loop and its versatility in ranging from cheery to eerie, dance-y to trance-y. With “Guru Overlord”, he has set those loops in the (relative) backseat in favor of letting heavily processed electric guitar riffage and drone lead the way to cosmic zone-outs and tribal blissings. The tones linger far longer on the darker side, flirting with industrialism and detachment, while the rhythms are busier-to-the-point-of-ambient. At the end of the day, GO makes for gripping meditation or art-making fuel for the ears, with and without headphones, loud or quiet. 


--Jacob An Kittenplan