(Eupcaccia Records)

Next up comes from Sydney, Australia based Eupcaccia Records which specializes in Free Jazz, Modern Composition, Improvisation and Noise Music. This tape was based “around the concept of a nuclear meltdown that was kept secret from the public.” Each side is devoted to a different artist’s interpretation of this theme.

Side A is initially primarily based on guitar feedback with various noises added to the mix, none of which is in any discernible pattern. Following that is a distorted noise based track that, again, relys on overload noises and what may be more guitar feedback. This is not to say it is anthing like the earlier cut and the artist has been careful to provide clear distinction.

The five tracks, as a whole, are a soundtrack to an event that never took place. Side two leads further into the world of noise and distortion, but like the previous side, manages to maintain interest and individual piece integrity. The combination of Subespai (electronics and effects) and Doxylanine (Mark Hall) on guitars and drums makes for a unique audio experience, albeit somewhat disturbing.

In conclusion, this is what noise music is when it works. They have done a remarkable job portraying this imaginary disaster.

-Robert Richmond