“Lonely Psalms” C34
(Histamine Tapes)

The first half of Aisuru’s “Lonely Psalms” is an ambling flotilla of over-saturated submarine drone-swells that shrug off glitchy, white noise reverb-runoff in currents toward the surface, their slow, minor chord streams melding into an ever crushing melancholia along the disphotic/euphotic border. There, above this mid/mid-low range of depth, only a slight crest-disturbance of hazy static overhead illuminates the zooplankton and krill of blown-out production. Forgive the marine parallels here, but did I mention this tape was dubbed onto an old, beat-to-shit Beach Boys rescue?*) The warble and decay will only add to this unwieldy beast as time/play goes on!

Side B starts off with a left hook** and then trades its KBD vibe for a more Rose*** one, rounding out the tape’s lonely, lost-at-sea feel for a more recurring-memory-loop/rescued-and-beaten-but-homeward-bound one. For an engaging nap-xperience****, put this on and lie down in the afternoon sun for a pleasantly woeful, if not outright discombobulating surprise.


— Jacob An Kittenplan

*Histamine Tapes makes it a point to not add to the carbon footprint as much by dubbing their fresh hot takes of ambient/experimental bliss/weirdnesses onto old hat thrift-town dinosaurs like said tape above)
**don’t wanna spoil the mood-twist for ya, k?
***as in Rose/Reuben Sawyer
****bonus points if you have a water bed!