“Inner Work” C33
(Histamine Tapes)

With “Inner Work”, Brian James Griffith (ex-Greyghost, & current collaborator in Electric Sound Bath, L’Éternèbre, Screaming Claws Collective, etc) has sound-painted his most vibrant, consonant, and evocative offering to date; and make no mistake, his back-catalogue is s-t-a-c-k-e-d with some seriously heavy-hitting ambient releases!

Here, he has traded in that somber mood-tint/focus he’s masterfully crafted so many previous dronescapes with in favor of sculpting an airier, more outward connecting, celebratory new age vibe; all this while still spiking his pieces with the gripping field recordings and noisy accents that set his work apart from so many other stellar NA albums of past decades. Visually, it’s hard for the mind not to drift to the coniferous edge of some high-altitude, near-frozen, fresh water lake at dawn, taking in flora and fauna’s excitement of another set of sun rays coming to bathe them into bliss.

It’s always great to see an artist you’ve loved take a sharp, creative turn, only to see that they’ve likely been sitting on a crystal-mine you’d not yet dreamt of!


— Jacob An Kittenplan