LOWBEAT “Evolción” C28 (Erizados)

Barcelona-based label Erizados dropped “Evolción” by Lowbeat over three years ago, yet here we still are thinking about it. Lowbeat is the moniker of Quique Sánchez, and he’s dedicated “Evolción” to his son Pau. This is quite touching – as a father myself, I can only imagine expressing an artistic dedication to my son in the same way. Instead, he’ll just grow up knowing that his dad’s a silly old music blogger. Hooray for him.

Ha! Just kidding. Everything’s cool. And everything’s cool on “Evolción,” a dreamy techno workout that’s as disorientingly propulsive as it is slathered in earworm hooks. But before you’re like, “Ew, slathered” or “Ew, earworm hooks,” you should take a listen, because there’s a lot of great action going on here, and not a whole lot to be grossed out by. Smooth and vibrant, clear-eyed and buffed to a sheen, “Evolción” skips forward on the human timeline to a point where butts are always wigglin’ and Barcelona’s the only cool place to be. Maybe it is already. Who knows?