ANNE-F JACQUES, RYOKO AKAMA, TAKAMITSU OHTA “The Magic City” C40 (Hasana Editions)

“The Magic City” is a quiet place, so you’ll have to tune your ear to it, squint at it in with your ear to get the full effect. Anne-F Jacques, Ryoko Akama, and Takamitsu Ohta compose with “found objects and mundane artifacts,” and the result is a disorienting head trip. This full-on musique concrète fantasy follows “Chris” and “Holly” in the “Magic City” and the “City Magic” respectively, but it’s not clear what the difference is. What is clear is that this cross-cultural project – California, the UK, and Japan, respectively – is a labor of love, with each artist imposing an intense vision onto the proceedings. Edition of 100 from Hasana Editions (Bandung, Indonesia).