GADGEN / CARIBBEAN HEALTH “Pleb Talk” C33 (Already Dead)

Forget the Times’s Trevor Coleman goes by Caribbean Health at the moment, but that doesn’t mean he can’t dust off an older name every once in a while too – like this “Gadgen” character. That’s also Trevor. And to confuse you (read: me) even further, Trevor has combined the two personalities for a single release. That’s “Pleb Talk.” That’s where we turn our attention to right now.

We are commoners and Trevor is the feudal master here, or at least that’s what we can expect. Dense psychedelia begins the tape, which soon turns into a lo-fi indie-folk adventure that’s part Fleet Foxes, part the Walkmen, part Bon Iver, lots of intricate arrangements and melodies. The mood is melancholy throughout, perhaps in keeping with these antecedents, and Trevor’s emotive voice soars here, harmonizes with itself there, whispers in yet another spot. Experimental ten-minute closer “Vertical Dap” closes the tape on with a hard left, exhibiting a playful level of adventure as it stretches itself out.

Perfect for nighttime car rides in the country with the windows down and fireflies in the fields.