“Solipsis” C58
(Mystic Timbre)

Melding seriously intense, star-gazing New Age presets, 80s smooth-jazz-gone-funk riffage, and vaporwavey beats/mixing aesthetics, JRPG (Austin, TX) serve up unapologetic, high-octane elevator muzak for the righteously cheesy & nostalgic. 

On their debut release, “Solipsis" is full to the brim with myriad strong moods a-splattered all over the neon ampitheater, no nook or cranny safe from the oozings, so vibrant and thick, of their fluidly grooving themes. 

Consistently toeing the line between chill and upbeat, JRPG manages the sonic equivalent of a muted Hawaiian shirt with glow in the dark pineapples and scented chili peppers in fractal swirls. It’s pretty goddamn great. Listen to at max reasonable volume with headphones and get tripped out!


—Jacob An Kittenplan