NOTHING BAND “Anarchy 99” (F R E A K S)

Max Nordile’s Nothing Band releases are nasty and skronky, freeform freakouts for the discerning noisenik.

You know, I just wrote about Nordile’s “Go to Sleep, Fool” yesterday, and I feel like a lot of what I said there applies here:

[Max Nordile is the lowest of the lo-fi, the no-est of the no wave. He’s a Nothing Band, he’s a Dolphin saxer. He calls Oakland home, but he’s probably living mostly in the Oakland sewer. He collects all the musical instruments the topside Oaklanders flush down the toilet. I bet he wears retro A’s hats. My writing homie Jacob is from Oakland. I wonder if he knows Max.

“Go to Sleep, Fool” “Anarchy 99” is the aural equivalent of someone filling a few tube socks with Quickrete and flailing them around at objects that purport to make music. When the music comes, it is not how you expect it. It is a freeform death salad of sounds and styles, from Greek to Cobb, noise to noisette. A jittering, collapsing apartment block on a faultline, “Go to Sleep, Fool” “Anarchy 99” will be imploring you to actually do the opposite: stay up because there’s too much racket anarchy going on … fool jackass.]