“Far Drift Afield” C42
(Inner Islands)

ASHAN, AKA Sean Conrad, is head honcho over at Inner Islands, and he, as you might rightfully infer by the label’s name he currently curates, is pretty much the true embodiment of today’s New Age movement.  You can damn near feel your crystal chakras pulsating rainbow peace-pipes into trans-infinite bliss alongside his every drone, swell, and arpeggiation, because he (SC) has been at it for a loooong, long time, and he can pretty much om/freestyle up a mid-day nap-spell upon anyone whose ears his vibes doth impregnate at the drop of an incense ash.

“Far Adrift Afield”, however, isn’t just your average ASHAN album! 

With this release, he has righteously shrugged off the compulsory percussive scaffold of releases past and now lets his legions of harmoniously hypnotic counter-melodies weave an all-infectious ghost-of-groove, instead, relieving us rapt listenerfs of any heavy-handed demand to follow an explicit Beat…and I, for one, am grateful to hear what I’d consider to be the True Nature of these consonant movements, liquidly coinciding and diverging at their own frequencies, sans-metronomics. It makes all the difference, and this release feels like a Serious Step Forward.

For the ASHAN completist, FDA will be a crown jewel; and for the newbie, it’ll be everything you’ve ever wanted out of ambient/new age bliss-outs.  With AND without headphones, it’s guaranteed to lull you into a better place!

Keep an eye out for the follow up to this, dropping at the end of August!!!


— Jacob An Kittenplanj