THE HELL HOLE STORE “Three the Hard Way” (Already Dead)

Yo muggles, check this magic – or don’t, since you can’t perceive it. Whatever. “Already Dead” is the first song that name checks Josh Tabbia, Bob Bucko Jr., etc., in the world, almost assuredly, and also Hogwarts, which is weird because I already had written the first sentence. I mean, REALLY weird, like I listened to “Three the Hard Way” after chugging a vial of Felix Felixis, and this is what I get. And of course, it was exactly what I needed.

Right, so, Darko the Super and iAlive return to the scene of the Hell Hole Store, that shady bodega in South Philly where dope rhymes come from. And they instigate a block party right in front of it. See, the Hell Hole Store is nothing if not a twisty, turny, hip hop institution ripping references from wherever the heck they please. And of course, since one of my favorite games when I listen to rap is “Spot the Reference,” I’m in utter bliss here. Add in old school production with great samples and I’m like Barney Gumbel with a year’s supply of beer: just hook it into my veins.

If you’re a fan of Backwoodz Studios, Hand’Solo Records, or Reservoir Sound, be sure to grip this tape ASAP, before your luck runs out. Or before MY luck runs out. We’re all in trouble then.