“Self Titled" C42
(Galtta Media)

Camilla Padgitt-Coles & Bryce Hackford (each of them having been absolutely brilliant minimalist/ambient/drone innovators fresh off the Perfect Wave roster!) join forces and venture into techno-beat territory here with their safari-grade collaboration, “Energy Star”, on GALTTA.

It is a ruse. Do not believe your ears for the first five minutes.

With bleating metronome employed as their only anchor, ES casts a stormy mirage of synthesized haze (and its accompanying amphibious shuffles & communiqué) that warbles juuust beneath the downbeat, giving the ol’ temporal lobe a serious work out, with all that auditory processing & parsing to execute. Polyrhythmic and upbeat in rhythm, but nervously melancholic in mood, Energy Star have laid out a psychoacoustic treatise of which the terms of won’t be come to at any time in any near future. Though relatively C-H-I-L-L, this ain’t for the easily irritable or faint of heart. Get ready for some bewilderings!

Perhaps a new sub-genre needs penning; Sleight-of-Ear?

— Jacob An Kittenplan