FLUSTER “Housing” C12 (Self-Released)

Fluster are a mathy, screamo shredfest out of Kalamazoo, MI and ho-lee shee-yit are they a goddamn blast! Though only a two-piece (guitar & drums), they fill every nook & cranny with blasts, fills, herky-jerky anti-4/4 riffage*, thrashing gallops, & a righteously lisping battle-yelp that’ll fluster your nerves in the very very best way possible. Think 78rpm Cap’n Jazz meets Twelve Hour Turn meets Orchid at a calc class where they’ve all downed two pots of coffee & decided to take turns beat-poet-screeching random passages from a Cometbus compendium at each other. These folx be punk as fuck and I’d happily bike two hours just to see ‘em live. 

— Jacob An Kittenplan

*like, good fucking luck trying to count whatever signatures they’ve played in over any two minute span