“Ning Bugs” C50

Ugly Indie? Induglie? Ostentatious synth-pop? Avant-dada rawk? Larry Wish is one of the few rock-blueprint-employing acts that once made it onto the infamous Orange Milk roster (next to Maharadja Sweets and, more closely, Jerry Paper!), so that oughta tell you something about the extreme weirdness that is Larry Wish.

Imagine a funeral director at their wit’s end, deciding to hire an outside organist to solely perform Pink Floyd’s unreleased cuts, at their own funeral, but, like, agreeing to play only under the influence of an at-death’s-doorstep dose of tranquilizers…

So then, imagine recording that single event, and then cutting it to a 45rpm record, and then playing that at 33rpm, and recording that iteration onto an old thrift store tape. Yeah. 

Fucking weird, right? and what’s even weirder… it’s kinda catchy. Like, lice on LSD catchy. Please only play loudly AND when emotionally stable. 


— Jacob An Kittenplan