PHILIP SULIDAE “Glass” (Verz Imprint)

This is one of those tapes that’s fingernails on a chalkboard for people who aren’t into noise. The sounds are sourced from air and ventilation intakes. Some of my personal favorites for field recording. Of course there is digital manipulation. Ambient rumble and grey noise is pulled and tweezed into fine, spindly drifts of tone that raise the hair on the back on my neck and make me tense like a good horror movie. Glass takes the endless hum of the modern world and brings it forward, pulling out the qualities that give us migraines and anxieties. We tune out these sounds as we go about our days, but when they are harvested and served back to us as music or art, it’s a smack in the face with the constant affront that the urban soundscape is. I love it.

-- Mike Barrett