GIUSEPPE FALIVENE “Air Chronicles” C44 (Amek Collective)

I do believe “atmosphere” is the operative word for Giuseppe Falivene’s “Air Chronicles” – the idea of it is emblazoned all over the j-card after all, what with the billowing clouds surrounding peaks and whatnot. The red filter’s a nice touch on the triangle that receives it. Kinda makes that atmosphere look dangerous.

That atmosphere manifests itself in heaving disruptions throughout the tape, punctuated by passages of lush drift. Or is that the other way around? Either way, conditions are ripe to burst at any time, and the energy simmering in the air is constantly palpable. All we need is a little friction, a little spark to set it off, and then potential becomes kinetic with a finger snap. (Oh, maybe that’s the catalyst!)

Drone meets noise at the foot of an upside-down mountain in a thunderstorm. There is so much movement, so much going on, that it’s impossible to restrict this tape to those two stylistic descriptors. Might as well throw them out and start fresh, but make sure you bring the atmosphere into it. Always mention the atmosphere.