MID-AIR! “DXcercise” (100% Bootleg)

A full 32-track album made to celebrate the Oberheim DX Programmable Drum Machine, complete with ladies in lycra on the cover and dozens of exercise tape samples. This tape may well become a crate digger’s treasure chest in a few years with its deep exploration of a rather pricey vintage drum machine. DXcercise doesn’t fall into vapor wave clichés or retro-hip hop worship. It’s a sweaty dance neon party all its own. What Mid-Air! squeeze’s out of the DX is impressive. The A side flows along with kitschy synths and minimal melodic components. The B Side starts getting weirder, like an early Rephlex 12”, adding acid lines and odd-time signatures. Mid-Air! knows what a good tune needs- a beat, a bassline and a hook. They don’t waste our time with anything else except the hoots and hollers from over-zealous Jazzercise instuctors.   

-- Mike Barrett