(Tubapede / Heat Retention)

Brian Osborne is a drummer and Dan Peck is a tubist.  You may know their names from the weird underbelly of NYC music scene in the aughts.  Theses freaks have played in The Gate/Dan Peck Trio, George Steeltoe Ensemble, Blastocyst etc.  Both play their instruments in WAY unorthodox ways.

The Osborne side sounds like 'very zen' bells combined with Osborne kicking shit over in a fit.  Maybe a jab at this era of McMindfulness.  I also like that the sounds from the beginning, reprise at the end.  Free music with a hook.

Peck's tuba abuse side starts out sounding like he is snaking a toilet...but gets to the depths of hell pretty quick.  Then there are swarms of bees flying out of a gaping maw.

May the spirit of Brooklyn's free music underground skree on and on.

-- T Penn