“New Earth Assembly” C48
(Katuktu Collective)
“Pilgrims of the Infinite” C52

Patrick R. Pärk is not only one incredibly prolific electronic music artist, but his “Life Education” project remains consistently enigmatic, when attempting to define it in terms of genre. Both “New Earth Assembly” and “Pilgrims of the Infinite” may differ in intensity (the former is slightly more chill than the latter), but each share the common bond of hop-scotching the venn arcs between instrumental post-rock psychedelia, left-field house, and trippy hip-hop beats. It’d be a serious work out to try and map which facets of each genre are present (and tweaked) from track to track (and album to album, for that matter), but suffice it to say that both NEA and PotI make for a great getting-ready-for-the-day pick me up, like a strong yerba mate for your ears. Turned up loud, you’re guaranteed to shake your ass; kept at a low level, it’s great study/driving music. Choose your own adventure!


— Jacob An Kittenplan