“Significant Chainsaw Tape” C10
“True Beauty (and Other Things)” C20
(Ranch Jams)

“Significant Chainsaw Tape” may only be ten minutes long, but there’s easily an hour’s worth of batshit crazy that’s bludgeoned, blended, and jam packed in there, Michul Kuun’s jackhammered hi-hat trembling over triggered toms & kick, his sticks a humming birdwing-blur. Imagine a death-by-sprint, but on drumkit, where no four measures can ever repeat, under penalty of electrocution. The breakneck velocity is only matched by desperation. &now add in the internal battles, the slow-motion scenes, where runner/drummer worries over broken ankle/wrist, the audience fading to black, in & out…then BOOM, back on track! SCT is a hyper-speed percussive stream of conscious workout you don’t wanna miss.

“True Beauty…” is, by comparison, almost chill, and it’s highly recommended that these two MK releases be listened to back-to-back, as they share much the same tonal DNA, but under remarkably differing cortisol levels. Where SCT is STRESS STRESS breakdown STRESS, TB(&OT) camps juuuust below the OVERWHELMING limit line, showcasing a grooving creativity and, by extension, a damn good time. This one’s destined for backyard BBQ jamboxes everywhere.


— Jacob An Kittenplan