TURQOUIZ NOIZ “Pray for Rain” (Related Records)

The weirdo Phoenix label Related Records confused the hell out of me with “Hi My Name Is Ryan” because my name is Ryan and I thought they were trolling me. I’m still not convinced they weren’t, but the cheekily spelt Turqouiz Noiz goes a little further as a way of apology, making me think that the label was at least lurking in bedroom around 1994 when I was listening to Dead Milkmen offshoot bands or Violent Femmes or Sebadoh. Those were primo formative years.

Turqouiz Noiz is four kooks called Brendan, Patrick, Rachel, and Rocky, and they speak the lo-fi rock jargon I was once so familiar with. Fun noisy experiments collide with fun fuzzy guitar jams for the freaked-out spazz we all once were. Would I have been surprised hearing Turqouiz Noiz busting out of my tiny clock radio speaker I hovered over to catch the latest Heavy Vegetable or Silkworm tune on the barely-in-range college radio station back in my high school years? No. no I would not.