“Anubis Come In” C30

Albeit fairly condensed*, “Anubis Come In" exquisitely (excruciatingly) details the romantic consummation of procuring reliable post-mortem transportation from an ancient (and possibly retired) deity.

Across processed/possessed electric violin, harp, voice, & field recordings, Troy Schafer crafts a Harrow’s Journey that is one part romantic beckoning, two parts drawn-out torment, and one part spine-tingling terror. Seriously, the climax is irrefutably dripping with nightmare juice, and I don’t recommend listening to this séance alone, night OR day.

“Anubis Come In” was released nearly 10 years ago, but it’s well worth revisiting over and over again, especially when referencing the beginnings of what is now the inimitable KINIT HER**, a far less creepy but equally as haunting project by Troy Schafer, Nathanial Ritter, and a revolving cast of talented, enchanting collaborators.


— Jacob An Kittenplan

*a good soul-ferrying was estimated to take, like, foreeeever to get done, not just 30 minutes, but hey…
**closest comparison to them would be maybe imagining a spookier ESPERS, but like, on a really bad trip, dedicated to perpetually re-imagining the sacrificial scenes in Rosemary’s Baby