CONCRETE COLORED PAINT “Linhas em terra” (Nostromo)

Concrete Colored Paint is not an easy listen, and that shouldn’t be a surprise to you. CCP is Peter Kris (German Army), who is legendary for unsettling listening experiences. Linhas em terra, recorded in Açores, Portugal, sounds like ghosts, voices from far away speaking into the haze of the afterlife. So what does Linhas em terra mean? “Ground lines.” We’re all connected.

We hear snippets of conversations, loops of live song, announcements, all underscored by the CCP drone-factory extravaganza. CCP is the perfect outlet for ratcheting up the tension underlying all elements of Portuguese life presented here. The tension arises when one realizes that the connection to all other people is tenuous, and we as humans are hellbent on severing it. This is just another document from the GeAr camp illustrating that everyone’s the same, despite the surface differences.