US PRESIDENTS “Worst World in the World” C47 (Gloom Club)

I’m not one for much political discourse, but when I read “Us Presidents” [sic] and “Worst World in the World,” I’m inclined to agree, at least today. And yesterday, and the day before, and pretty much any day between 2017 and 2020. There’s a reason for that, and it may be an obvious one or it may not be, but I was prescribed cynicism supplements by my doctor around that time, and I have about a year left before I’m to go off them.

Har har.

“Worst World in the World” rocks turkey socks, as the kids say. (They say that, right?) It’s a sugary downbeat indie album, but with enough sarcasm and snark to get you out of bed in the morning long enough to scream at the bird outside your window to shut up before you hop back in bed again. Antecedents: Death Cab, Sloan, … probably others. The lyrics are smart, the recording sounds great, and Us Presidents clearly know what they’re doing. They’re an outlet for Darren Frayne’s lyrical gymnastics, and the rest of the players – Steven Fischer (Teal Moss), Brack Cantrell (Diva Cop), and Daniel Hill (Emotional Indulgence) – are top notch. I guess if you’re going to call yourselves “Us Presidents” in Denton, Texas, you probably need the chops to back it up. Luckily, Us Presidents does – do? – indeed have those exact necessary chops.