DROOPIES “Responsible People” (Funny/Not Funny Records)

You can throw psychedelic rock, punk, and shoegaze at a wall, and lots of it will stick, I’m here to inform you. Droopies are not the first to do this, nor will they be the last. If I had to guess, they’re right smack in the middle of that spectrum, maybe the exact 50-yard line of music’s existence (although that would be the 50-yard line of the Linc, not the Spectrum). (It’s a Philly thing.)

(Droopies are from Philly.)

At times ethereal and quite pretty, at others blisteringly overdriven, at all times anchored by Chris Harmon’s dreamy-ass vocal work, “Responsible People” is essentially an indictment/cautious embrace of responsibility as one grows older. I imagine that being a couple of young guys in a band tilts the responsibility meter sort of toward “not terribly responsible,” but who am I to judge. These guys could easily share a bill with Philly buddies Thinking Machines (if of course this was ten years ago and Thinking Machines were still together) (reunion rumors!).

Lots of that stuff sticks for Droopies. “Responsible People” is excellent fun.