LATE “Color Drained” C22 (Amek Collective)

I think I’m gonna hafta pay attention to these Amek Collective releases – they’re pretty friggin’ great if you ask me. That Giuseppe Falivene tape I reviewed a few days ago? Please. So tight. Now “Color Drained” by LATE? Amek, you’re gonna make me lose my shit, aren’t you? Please don’t make me lose my shit. You wouldn’t like me in that state.

But it’s close to happening, so let’s embrace the madness while we can. We’ve only got twenty-two minutes to do so anyway, as “Color Drained” is just a mere EP, a taste of what’s in store from LATE. (Given the ungooglable nature of LATE’s name, I’ve got no idea what kind of discography the producer has.) We’ve got black-hole-dense electro, black-hole-dense ambient, black-hole-dense techno – heck, if LATE was an actual black hole masquerading as a DJ, I wouldn’t be surprised! But the utter destruction of the sound frequencies LATE dabbles in should be an indication: nothing will escape LATE’s gravitational pull, and that’s OK, as nothing should.

But you can still hear the destruction in progress as it pulls apart your atoms, and that’s what makes “Color Drained” such an exciting listen. It shreds whether the pace is breakneck or glacial. It envelops you. It doesn’t let you escape its grasp.

… Nice work!