“Weird Person” C30
(Permanent Nostalgia)

“Loose & Dirty” isn’t a fairly common description for a New Age-y artist's synth improvisations, but it fits Cool Person fairly well. Alternates would include “Lo-Fi”, “Aleatory”, and “Stream-O-Conscious-Slippery,” to name a few. CP’s “Weird Person" is a glorious study in dynamic interplay as its own cohesive set; for every single stoccato element, there lies its equal, sustained counterpart somewhere nearby; for every minimal field of vast open space there lies an underground city teaming with squirming, frolicking life; for every delayed note there lies an arpeggiated one in the vicinity, as well, this ever-wily-cycling-chaos of a recipe tumbling over itself in endlessly varying possible perceptions. Which is to say, it’s a deceptively complex string of simple poses that won’t grow old any time soon.  Permanent Nostalgia shows yet again how they know how to keep it weird and interesting!


— Jacob An Kittenplan