IN-OUT “Dining Experience” (Illuminated Paths)

Strange vapor through the vents chillaxed me. I had been to In-N-Out when I was in California in the fall, and it was real good. I had takeaway, so I didn’t get the full “dining experience,” which was fine. It was – you’ve seen one fast food place, you’ve seen em all, even though In-N-Out’s a bit better than the average. Instead I went to the oceanfront cottage at which I was staying, opened up the wall-length glass doors, and listened to the ocean as it crashed upon the rocks a mere twenty feet away.

I imagined “Dining Experience” then, and I imagine it now.

Strange vapor indeed.

Like Edward Hopper’s “Nighthawks,” “Dining Experience” illuminates an establishment after the sun sets, where patrons gather for refreshment. It could be anywhere, any kind of restaurant or bar, the vibe a mist of cloud passing by the moon. In-Out dazzles with neat tricks at the corners of our eyes, not quite providing the focused magic we may crave but undergirding our surroundings with something special, something unusual. The mundane shows cracks, illuminates feelings suppressed by ennui.

If I had to do this, I’d say it reminds me a bit of Ferraro’s “Cold” if it were part of the Adhesive Sounds catalog.