“Folksonomies” C43
(Cudighi Records)

Well, this is some kind of a serious noggin’-scratcher, here, in the very most pleasantly disorienting way possible! 

On the one hand, this album is swarming with gorgeous, hummable loops of synth, harp, and cello tones*; yet on the other, each of these deliciously minimal earworms is eternally meta-pitted against the others in a merciless succession of competing, ever self-respinning consonant webs, all glistening, and vying for focus. &just when you think you’ve found some semblance of rhythmic anchor, it dissolves into syrup in the murky sepia-bliss. The effect is a timeless headiness, an unending inner search for the sound of one’s first and last breath.

With “Folksonomies”, Laura Luna Castillo has cobbled together a universally accessible yet mystically captivating quilt of perpetual intrigue and self-less narration to get lost** inside of, again & again.

Listen to this, juuust less than too loud, with good headphones, & you won’t regret it!


— Jacob An Kittenplan

*and plenty of modular texture, some field recordings, and a banjo, to boot!
**&also get lost in perusing her .net website, full of sculpture, instillations, & trippy VR. LLC is a trve renaissance woman!