EGGS ON MARS “Mama Pancake” (self-released)

Hey, we all fell in love when we were young and got our butts kicked by it. I remember it, but it’s fading.  I’m not even remotely close to the person I was in high school and college, yearning, longing, finding fleeting happiness, most often wallowing in self-pity. That’s what made music so awesome back then – I could pop on a record and it could make me feel like the emotional beating I was taking was worth it. In fact, it got to the point where I sort of craved getting my heart broken. It got me closer to some of my favorite music.

Fast-forward to now, to Eggs on Mars, and their place in the world at this very second. Maybe there’s somebody like me-back-then right now who just got their heart stomped on while trying their darnedest to make something resembling a relationship work out. But in the end it’s pointless, you know? It all crumbles, you’re crushed, and you’re back to where you started, hugging your records and tapes and crying into your pillow.

Who am I kidding – I’m a national treasure. The mold is broken. There’s no one like me.

But what if there was! They’re listening to “Mama Pancake” right now, reveling in the jangly power trio action of Eggs on Mars, getting constantly distracted by their awesome name, chuckling, and forgetting their utter romantic failure. And now they’ve remembered it. Now they’re crying again. Eggs on Mars, your job is just THAT MUCH HARDER. I hope you’re up to it.