“3L3M3NT 115” C50
(Hand’Solo Records)

Were the Alien Trap Lords to say “No homo”*, they’d be referring to the Sapien Sapien variety. They’re "extra" like that; as in, they’re extra-TERRESTRIAL!

Per the ALIEN TRAP LORDS press kit:
“Out of the farthest reaches of space come a group of inter-dimensional life forms. The Alien Trap Lords serve universal knowledge over wavy synth 808 bass. Take a galactic trip in their space whip. Learn the secrets of your world and the truth behind the conspiracies.”

That’s right. A cosmic Canadian hip-hop group is risking it ALL for the chance to disseminate their celestial blueprints unto you, dear human.  Be charmed by their mesmerizing minimalism, for it better highlights their choppy, screwy accents/hooks. Be forewarned that it is not (only?) your tape deck acting up, but the very ferrous fabric of space and time warping right before your ears that sounds so warped and wobbly. 

Yes. This is some incredibly high-minded** hip-hop. The bass is siiick and slick, the synth pads all trippy & drippy, the vocals wet & wild. Warning: Not recommended for studying or operating heavy machinery!

—Jacob An Kittenplan

*it is cool, I am pretty sure that they do not

**as in, like, waaay out past our atmosphere