HARSH NOISE MOVEMENT / LÄRMSCHUTZ “Faux Amis Vol. 5” C40 (Faux Amis)

Not an easy one here. Or, maybe it’s so easy it’s insane. Either way, Ade Rowe, aka Harsh Noise Movement, joins the Lärmschutz gang (like they’re a Scooby-Doo-esque mystery-solving team!) for vol. 5 of the 2019 Faux Amis split series. Rowe is accompanied by Akano Shibahito on saxophone, and the result is a pretty intense collaboration. On one hand, you have an artist that goes by “Harsh Noise Movement,” so you pretty much have an inkling as to what that sounds like. On the other hand, that static HNW cut with the sax is a pretty vibrant and unusual addition to the noise canon, so there’s a lot to be invigorated by. There’s not a wasted second on Harsh Noise Movement’s side of the tape.

Also, the HNM track is called “Thug Life.”

So of course Lärmschutz’s side is called “Junior M.A.F.I.A.,” because why not? Taking a cue from their splitmates (as they tend to do throughout the series), the Dutch experimentalists get wickedly noisy, spewing forth bile from the their lovely instruments like they’d never met feedback they couldn’t double, triple, or quadruple with a few tweaks of a knob. Over the course of their 20-minute side, they lurch and shiver, creating such a racket that you might mistake THEM for a harsh noise act! You’d be so wrong. But sometimes so right.

Hee hee. Lärmschutz is cool.

Bring on more of this series! I can’t get enough!