“Plays the Vitamin B12” C42
(Strategic Tape Reserve)

Abstract reads: “Former cult krauter reimagines remixed electrified notes of long-time co-contributor/conspirator; striking manifesto ensues.” 

The facts check themselves. Nicholas Langley is guilty. Of bringing a nuanced scoche of avant-electronic/funk to the otherwise unwieldy vibes of UK underground stalwarts, The Vitamin B12. This (already sold out) release showcases (yet) another alternate universe where Nicholas Langley travels back in time to New Years Day, 1990, armed with nothing but all of his life lessons learned as of 2019 about just how godfuckingdamnweird he could rearrange some already godfuckingdamnweird tunes, seeking out Alasdair Willis’s (future) take on what should become some seriously heady jamz. 

NL’s own take on the matter is a magical mix of brisk & disorienting with an underlying groove that’ll sneak up on ya while you’re trying to make heads or tails of just which layers are leading which other ones along. Pretty stellar stuff. Get lost in the Bandcamp link below!

—Jacob An Kittenplan