TEUTHIS GALORE “I Smell Voices” C20 (Lurker Bias)

Teuthis Galore runs the really-out-there Orb Tapes (and godbless’em), an ever-shifting organism whose whole purpose is to subvert whatever ideas you may have about “sound” and “music” and “albums” and whatever. Maybe “subvert” is too tame a word. Maybe its more that Teuthis and friends are more interested in mangling your ideas, shredding them, gutting them, mutilating them, then stuffing them back into your brain in their new and reconstituted forms. Unfortunately the host often rejects these new ideas, completely shutting down in the process like a computer whose motherboard is melting from gross misuse.

And that’s just how we like it.

On “I Smell Voices,” Teuthis “subverts” human senses, because if you get right up to someone who’s speaking and take a gigantic whiff of their “voice,” you may wind up in a hospital bed if they’re a smoker or if they’ve just eaten lunch or gotten out of bed, or if they never brush their teeth (godforbid). He also subverts the idea of noise as a static imposition, a sinister slab of sonic onslaught overcoming and overwhelming you with its sheer intensity. And while there’s certainly a time for that (oh god is there ever), “I Smell Voices” takes a different approach.

“GLAT” is a skipping, tripping, industrial gut punch, a low-end glitchfest punctuated by electronics tearing through metal at high velocity. “M E A ME” is a fried sample slow burn, a simmerer, a grotesque creeper whose voice effects become physical and palpable. It’s like you can almost smell them, if you know what I mean! Together they ratchet up the tension within the human body and manipulate all sensory input, scrambling the data and ruining the hardware. You’re only probably perceiving a fraction of it. Still, that’s probably enough in the end.