“Magicicada” C26 (Ingrown Records)

Gut Fauna’s "Magicicada" is a brilliantly creative and equally charming debut album that’s as adventurous and playful as it is pop-accessible/sway-alongable. In each song, this Baltimore duet manages to evoke all the trance-like qualities of old world devotional folk dances, ballads, and hymnals while still somehow keeping their pop-repetition to its bare minimum, favoring an ever-evolving cast of psychedelic canons, choirs, & calls & responses, these each working in concert with -and sometimes juxtaposed against- trippy tribal percussions, bad-ass flute licks, funky bass & steel string guitar lines & minimal organ/synth back ups, all these just dialed in snugly to tug us along somethin' fierce!

Listen to at the responsible maximum volume and just imagine how magical their shows must get!


—Jacob An Kittenplan