“Live in Oakland” C44
(Ratskin Records)

Dax Pierson’s “Live in Oakland” CS out on Ratskin is not one but two distinct journeys trekked along the mesmerizing outcrop of EDM that rises and falls in a meadow of patiently recycled soundbites, dissociated textural cracks, industrial pulse, minor-key drones and faded pastel synth posits. And, as per RR’s MO, there’s plenty of harsh noise accents to go around the block & back.

The movement is constant, Reichian at times in its paced revelation, yet still managing a chaotic feel amongst the synced up, disparate layers. Peaks & valleys between formations are at constant transition in a race to become the other. It is a journey, yet comes full circle back to the love of movement*, and repeated listens will continue to inspire visual fireworks to the backs of anyone’s eyelids who take the time to listen.


—Jacob An Kittenplan

*read up on DP’s current relationship with gross motor movement and how his medical devices inspired a great bit of how he now makes music/sculpts sound.