MENDING “We Gathered at Wakerobin Hollow: Chapter 01 – It All Starts in Odena” C28 / “Chapter 02 – A Few Years in Asheville” C25 (self-released)

Mending’s “‘We Gathered at Wakerobin Hollow’ is a four-hour, forty-song cycle, being released in nine Chapters every two months from August 2018-December 2019.”

Chapter 01, or “Year 00-17” begins the adventure, where “we meet Emma, her father Alan, her sister Jen, and their friends Julia, Marsha, and Jon.”

Chapter 02, or “Year 18-30,” follows “Marsha and Julia at college in Asheville and after. Alan, having left his family in Odena, wanders the southeast a decade after the fire, struggling with trauma, homelessness, and alcohol.”

If chapters 01 and 02 are a good indication of how the rest of this ambitious novel of a project plays, then please count me in for the rest of it. I am so hooked it’s kind of freaking me out a little bit.

Mending is Kate Adams and Joshua Dumas, and Dumas accompanies Adams’s vocals in just the right way with piano, synths, mellotron, and vibraphone. Did I say “just the right way”? Let’s be clear: the harmonies of these slow-burning antifolk tunes are impossibly perfect, crafted for 100% impact. I’ve been getting chills throughout this thing. Imagine Sufjan slowed waaaay down, or Low’s new stuff. But of course with Kate Adams and her miraculous voice. Can’t wait to check out the rest of this incredible book.