VICTORIA BLADE “Lo-Fi Love Songs” (Already Dead)

Victoria Blade is a surprise treat, a treasure too few of you will uncover once all is said and done. “Lo-Fi Love Songs” is just exactly what this is, a lovely collection of gentle folk songs sung by Blade about her relationship with her husband. It’s the kind of love we all hope for, we all yearn for. Some of us find it, some of us don’t. Victoria Blade is lucky that she has found it.

Over acoustic guitar, Blade’s voice is double-tracked for that extra richness. She recorded the whole album to Tascam four-track, and the hiss of the tape is delightfully audible. The homespun production of “Lo-Fi” adds to its insanely catchy charm. It would not be an exaggeration to suggest that every single moment of this tape is an ember stoked in the crackling fireplace of our hearts on those cold winter mornings after snow has covered the ground. Those mornings are the perfect times to snuggle up with that special someone. Probably with “Lo-Fi Love Songs” playing on the tape deck.