BELPHF “Never Sleep Forever” (1970six Compact Disc Club & Tapes)

John 14:2 says, “My Father’s house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you?” I don’t know if belPHf, aka Jesse Carrigan, is a God-dude or taking the piss, but we’re left with this impression from his Bandcamp page: “The next passive listening sound-track by belPHf provides glimpses of love, life, death, and eternity. Fix your gaze upon the face of Jesus. Let Him overtake you. He will prepare a room for you in His Father’s mansion.”

(Note the capitalization oddities of “belPHf,” by the way. Looks cool!)

And hmm! I have no idea – that doesn’t really answer it for me. So let’s just sit back and take a listen to this “passive listening sound-track” and get lost in whatever spiritual cloud that envelopes us. Carrigan is certainly an adept ambient artist, although his work here is more sci-fi tense than I may have first expected (but hey, religion’s a little “sci-fi” too, am I right?). As far as that “passive” thing goes, sure, you can put this on in the background. But you’ll miss an awful lot of good stuff. Tracks don’t simply drift, they evolve, often in incredibly surprising ways. Don’t sleep (never sleep!), or you’ll miss shifts both subtle and abrupt.

If there’s a room for you in the Father’s house, you better hope “Never Sleep Forever” is being piped in over the intercom, because it’s simply heavenly.