“Yemas” C21
(Antiquated Future)

With calculated stagger and lean might, PDX’s Indira Valey is a true Drunken Master* in vocal acrobatics, her playfully unassuming baritone delivery but a red herring of a focal point, casting abstract symbols down below to get colored in, obfuscated, and all but obliterated under the ensuing tidal wave of her enchantingly chanting Fursaxan/Sacred Harp-ian choirs, bells, tribal rhythms, and barebones electric guitar accents all frolicking in a swirling hertz-o-sphere of crystalline treble.

Due to the freakish dynamics, this album is wildly different depending on the volume it’s played at and I can’t even recommend low, medium, or high** right now; you gotta explore that for yourself. 

I already can’t wait for the next release!


—Jacob An Kittenplan

*see Jackie Chan's weirdest/possibly greatest kung fu mastery ever!
**they’re all great!