“Antiquated Future Records: The First Seven Years” C72
(Antiquated Future)

Label retrospectives can be pretty bittersweet. For example, did you know that Rosie Steffy* was in a band called Upside Drown?! I had never even known the band existed before popping this tape in and hearing RS’s distinctively gorgeous voice melding ridiculously perfect along with Colleen Johnson’s…and I know I can’t know like 3% of all the great stuff going on in the Bay Area, but GODDAMN would I have LOVED to see that! &I may be overgeneralizing a bit here but I’d wager to say that there are a lot of bands on here that you West Coasters didn’t know about either and probably wish you’d seen while they were still kicking ass…and were still slinging tapes at said shows!

Antiquated Future have not only been around for SEVEN YEARS NOW, but the tapes they send in for review are constantly reminding me that I actually don’t hate lo-fi indie/folk, because pretty much every release they’ve put out has found me either pleasantly surprised or outright hooked and/or floored. If you’re into quirky bedroom folk or psychedelic-indie-singersongwritery-wierdnesses and are unfamiliar with AF, this’ll make excellent homework for ya…& if you’ve been a long time fan as I have, it’ll act as a nostalgic montage of left-field pop goodness for your Sunday afternoon pen palling & journaling for sure.

—Jacob An Kittenplan

*Aimless Never Miss, Tall Grass, La Dee Da, and a ridiculous amount of other great bands from here (SF-ish)