“Online Summer” C47
(Never Anything Records)

Deep drum kit bearing distant weight, timbrally divergent arpeggiators and drones loop around in a disorientingly elliptical search for familiar negative shapes through thick oaken canopy overhead. 

Their Bandcamp page’s tag of “American Kraut” is certainly fitting.

Much like a beefy bouncer at a belligerent biker bar's nickname might be “Tiny”, so to is Portland’s “Regular Music” glibly named, their every immeasurable measure never once repeated verb(e)atim, their morphing, unsync’d synth and percussive sequences always one step ahead/behind the other, building and (relatively) relieving tensions solely through their proximity and relative frequency.

Slightly dark & completely disorienting, Regular Music’s “Online Summer" is great for zoning out and/or taking a solo walk through the woods to, its arhythmic cycles lending one’s imagination towards unKnown spell and ceremony.


— Jacob An Kittenplan