KYLE LANDSTRA / DOMINIC COPPOLA “Split” C30 (Oxtail Recordings)

Pick a time of day! Oxtail Recordings has you covered , whether it’s with Kyle Landstra’s “Earlier in the Morning” or Dominic Coppola’s “Later in the Day.” Point is, doesn’t matter. Point is, morning, evening, you’re going to get some great vibes either way, especially if you can grab yourself a spare moment alone when you can to saunter out to the porch and take in the uninterrupted countryside surrounding your estate.

Shoot! You don’t all have as much money as Landstra and Coppola have, is that it? I forgot about your studio apartments and student housing. My bad.

Just kidding. It only seems like there’s a vast expanse of property where you can take in morning, evening without another soul and you listen to this excellent new split. Landstra and Coppola have been long known for structuring subtle ambient pieces that nevertheless infiltrate your waking life, soundtracking your every move until you realize they’re there at peak emotional points and you’re bowled over with the sheer poignancy of their content. This isn’t a new thing. This is what Kyle Landstra and Dominic Coppola do.

And here they do it together, delectably weaving regular, usual life with the utterly critical moments that stand out as the most important along your personal timeline. It’s a wonder that one single cassette tape can contain the impassioned revelation of personal narratives in such a discreet way.  

Indeed: it’s a wonder that two likeminded artists can pack so much history and biography into such restrained and delicate compositions. Yet this is their MO. On the regular.