WOOD CHICKENS “Must Die” C4 (Crush Grove Records)

I can do so many things in four minutes. One is listen to this Wood Chickens EP and get blasted by the sheer snot-punk of it. Do you think SST Records would’ve been in on the Wood Chickens back in the day? I do.

Another thing I can do in four minutes is empty the dishwasher.

Wood Chickens can actually PERFORM four songs in four minutes, which I find amazing. The tracks are fast, loud, and pissed off. The tape ends with a 28-second blast of shredding and shrieking. But this isn’t grindcore, if you can believe it! This is something more along the lines of the cowpunk (their tag) mixed with 1980s LA worship. Gotta love that.

Wood Chickens are probably a lot of fun live, so find out where they’re playing this weekend. If it’s the weekend already, find out where they’re playing next weekend.

Thank me later.