“Dinosaurs Have Feelings Too"
(Related Records)

“I know you threw a fuss
When I ate your best friend
But I didn’t think it would cause
Our relationship to end”

And so goes this February 2019 release from those zany folks at Related Records. That lyric is drawn from “Triceratops I Think I Love You” which leads off thid collection. Song titles will give you a hint at the direction here. “Godzilla Flick,” “I Wanna Be Fossilized,” “Dream Of Dinosaurs” and maybe the most revealing one, “Human Wife.”

This creation BC is the tiny brainchild of Peter Kulikowski, who apparently resides in a crater somewhere in the vicinity of Phoenix. These are simple songs but Mr. K. gets good mileage from the concept which extends beyond this release to at least one other tape and possibly more.

All said, it’s a novel idea though by the end of side two, I’m maxed out on the schtick. If you like unusual, prehistoric pop music, by all means get onboard with Dinosaur Love.



-- Robert Richmond