“Musik für Spülmaschine und Synthesizer” C27
(Strategic Tape Reserve)

This post-futurist opus is for all those who have ever blissfully harmonized along with their refrigerator’s hum’s rich timbres and/or offered finger-tapping accents overtop the rhythmic trance of an extensive xeroxing job. With “Musik für Spülmaschine und Synthesizer”, Severino Pfifferling offers two tales in tandem, one of the laboring automated dishwasher’s inner struggles as a literal, physical event, and the other one, an emotional/programmed quest for tabula rasa.

Hear for yourself the Promethean cycles’ weight upon the very center of our heroic machine, centrifugal forces of compulsive cleanliness and efficiency chasing their own tails into scorched-earthenware oblivion. Marvel at SP’s intuitive command of the accompanying synthesizer-as-soul-et-nervous-system. Combat the impending urge to buy your own Hobart another one just for company!

Witness these compositional psychoacoustic feats and you yourself shall testify thusly, that “FfSuS” is further proof of Strategic Tape Reserve’s “concept album” propagational-prowess. 

And, as Always, Do read STR’s own stellar copywriter’s sentiments on the subject matter for further strobing enlightenment. You’ll walk away wiser, if not all the more overwhelmed.

—Jacob An Kittenplan