STORM ROSS “Home” (Already Dead)

“Home” is a “living room romance in eight parts,” and there’s certainly nothing if not a romance to Ross’s work. Spread across eight tracks, “Home” basks in its own warmth and power, a roaring fireplace of expressive guitar tectonics and explosive narrative arcs. All this while doing an instrumental thingee! Fans of Already Dead friends like Michael Potter and Carey and even Fuck Lungs will be totally on board here.

Storm Ross’s guitar explodes like Tyondai Braxton’s Battles work, and the term “prog” should be embraced with 100% sincerity. And even though “Home” purports to be a domestic chronicle – and it certainly doesn’t disappoint as its imagination stretches beyond the chaise lounge and out the window, down the sidewalk, and into the world – it blasts off into the atmosphere like it can’t wait to break the “surly bonds of gravity and punch the face of God”! (You can find that quote on your own.) It’s definitely breaking something – maybe the sound barrier, especially with something like the careening “Turning Point.”

Even on quieter and more subdued passages, Ross can’t help but fully invest himself in exploring the deepest reaches of each track. “An Understanding” melds a reverberating acoustic guitar with stardusted feedback. “Sam Ascends the Invisible Path” drips with psychedelic effects, swirling together colorful points of light into perpetual sound. “Half Our Lives” smears itself over half its ten minutes before bursting into a majestic riffbomb. It’s all over at that point.

It’s hard for me to be anything other than wildly enthusiastic about this one. It’s right in my wheelhouse, and hopefully it’s right in yours too.